Nozbe for Windows and Mac version 1.2 release

Again we’ve fallen into a fight with Apple over their new “sandboxing” rules and couldn’t submit this release to the App Store. We actually had the release ready a few weeks ago but wanted to show it to you along with the Mac App Store release… but it will take us another 2 weeks to get have Apple approve it… so we decided to release version 1.2 for our most-eager customers right now. Here it is:

Nozbe version 1.2 for Windows

Nozbe version 1.2 for Mac

In this release there are several great new features (apart from many bug fixes and performance improvements):

  • drag and drop between projects and contexts (to them and from them, it works amazingly!)

  • push-sync - now you don’t have to press “sync” every now and then. If something changes in your Nozbe account (someone updates a shared project, you update the project from web or mobile…) the desktop application will sync automatically.

  • quick task entry - just press “+” in right-hand corner or “t” (for “task”) and you’ll be able to add a task from anywhere in Nozbe (also works with our great “#” shortcuts!)

In the meantime we’ve been working on version 1.3 which will be even better so stay tuned. It could be so, that we’ll just skip version 1.2 in the Mac App store and submit version 1.3 directly. Fingers crossed…